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International Jaamia of Languages and Professional Studies is established with the aim of providing high quality academic and vocational training to students using modern technology. The institution is grounded on strong values that drive both the staff and students to aim at greater heights in life, and impact positively on the society.

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In compliance with WHO COVID-19 Prevention Measures, IJLAPS has adopted online training. Join us today and study as we observe COVID-19 safety measures.  

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Are you a university student? A parent or a business person? Well, we all went to school but never got a chance to learn a foreign language. At IJLAPS you are fully covered.

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Global Certificate

After completing your course, you will be issued with a certificate that will be downloadable.

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Our qualified tutors are always available to give our students support an also answer their questions.

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If you need a specific book to enhance your learning, we got your back. Explore our shop.

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