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About Us

International Jaamia of Languages and Professional Studies is established with the aim of providing high quality academic and vocational training to students using modern technology. The institution is grounded on strong values that drive both the staff and students to aim at greater heights in life, and impact positively on the society.


Our Motto


Knowledge is Light. A bright future for all has been embraced since KIFLAPS’s inception clearly demonstrating our commitment to serving humanity worldwide. Contemporary challenges arising from the world becoming a global village requires all to work together and thus the need to look not only at problem facing Kenyans but humanity at large.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide knowledge, skills and competence in diversified fields such as hospitality and business studies, with a special emphasis on foreign languages to enable graduates seek employment and business opportunities not only in Kenya but in various parts of the world without any language obstacle. The language department also strives to ensure those travelling abroad for various missions can speedily acquire necessary language skills through intensive crush course.

Our Vision


To provide high quality academic and capacity development training to prepare students for the world of work while at the same time strengthening the capacity of workers.


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